Scheduling tasks, meetings and phone calls in Contractors.ms is easy and pleasant thanks to a clear and uncomplicated interface.

Companies database

Our program for construction companies has a place where contractor data is collected. These can be companies repairing, installing, servicing devices, as well as suppliers of equipment or materials.

Contacts & employees database

Here, the data of the company's employees and contacts of related companies with which we maintain business relations are stored.

Meetings, Phone calls, Tasks

List of CRM events for construction companies. All important events are stored here, e.g. meetings with installation companies or employees, phone calls to be made, tasks to be performed.


Equipment base

The module stores the data about the equipment and the information associated with it m.in .: counter use, maintenance requirements, supplier, or purchase amount. Helps you stay in control of your equipment. Equipment warehouse is an important part of construction company management software.

Rental register

The module supports the rental of equipment and its return. It allows you to rent equipment both by employees and by installation, renovation or finishing companies.

Equipment service

Implementation of tasks and recording service events, repair costs, causes of damage and documentation. It is all in the equipment service module.

Equipment extend requests

It allows you to report requests for equipment needed to carry out construction works.


Material base

A warehouse module that stores a register of purchased materials for the implementation of construction orders. It supports minimum stocks, expenses with the possibility of assigning them to the project.

Inventory usages

Our program has a warehouse module. Supervises the materials that were used to execute orders. Records the process of spending the materials.

Inventory requests

Inventory management in Contractors.ms is easy and fun. The module collects a list of materials needed to carry out construction, electrical, renovation, installation or finishing orders.

Inventory purchases

The material purchase register allows you to collect information on the costs, dates and destination of the purchased materials.



It collects all construction projects, their implementation status, documentation and e-mails. This is a very important part of the program to run a construction company

Change orders

A place in the software that is responsible for storing changes to construction, installation or renovation works that arose during their implementation.

Job visits

All visits to the project by the investment supervision staff are scheduled here.

Requests for informations

It collects requests for information that are used in construction to clarify any doubts or fill gaps in information that can be found in any specifications, plans, contracts or other documents.


Publications are primarily required for the architect and engineer to verify that the appropriate products will be installed in the project. The module stores records related to the verification of whether the selected product for implementation is consistent with the design assumption.

Sales goals

It generates sales targets for employees responsible for winning new contracts. Analyzes the current and future financial assumptions.


It stores information about reported problems arising during construction, renovation, installation or finishing works. It is divided into two modules: general problems and problems with the weather making it impossible to work.


A group of tools that allows you to plan and control work for employees on the construction site. The software supports the work of, among others installers, renovation and construction companies

Subcontractor agreements

Register of contracts signed with contractors.


It generates reports on the basis of data stored in the system.




Project management


Mobile application

The free package allows 10 users to work. For more users, see the cost calculator.